September 6, 2010

Lorenzo Agius

As a child, British born photographer Lorenzo Agius had an early interest in art. Agius' interest grew when he went to art school at The Lowestoft College of Further Education, where he found his niche in photography. He attended the college for two years before studying for a degree in photography at the University of East Anglia. While at East Anglia he was conflicted about his aim towards attaining a degree. He was told by outside friends in the field that a photography degree wouldn't necessarily land him a job and that it was quite possibly just a waste of time. Agius came to the decision that he must leave school and enter the real world as photography assistant. While this isn't always the case, there are a number of talented artists who have been known to skip out on school and go straight to work. For Lorenzo Agius, everything obviously worked itself out. For others, university is a time of progressive and drastic growth. The lesson is to decide what's best for you- school or no school- decide to trust your instincts. Be thoughtful.

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