August 12, 2010

Sometimes simple is superb

Let me go on the record and just say how impossible it is to walk down Michigan Ave without ooogaling (how does one spell ooooooo-ga-ling...?) at every other window display of truly flawless fall designs. However, I am proud of myself. While I did drool a little outside Ralph Lauren, maybe more than a little, my only two purchases today were a gray quarter-sleeve cotton dress and a pair of black sunglasses- both from f21 and under $15 total! Yay, for not spending my rent on a faux fur vest from Ralph Lauren, no matter how much I wanted to... and had to talk myself out of. On the whole, today was another fine vacation day, although I must confess this whole relaxation/summer free time has me a bit stressed. It must be the go go go of the past year that makes me feel uncomfortable when I sit for too long. Anyway, I'm off to finish the book I've been reading for way way too long. Ciao.

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