August 31, 2010


I have blue on the brain. An obsession with blue. Blue for summer, fall, winter and spring. Tessa and I found this 1950's blue sequin vest at Wild Man Vintage earlier this year. As soon as I saw it glitter out of the corner of my eye, I had to have it. Where and when exactly would one wear this blue vest? Anytime! It's no doubt that sequins draw attention, especially the mermaid dream vest above, but why is it that one must dull down their attire for the sake of others? Is it just to make sure we don't stick out too much, that we actually want to blend in? I hope not. Individuality is something sacred around tstreet, Tessa and I value originality, creativity, and fun when it comes to style. Big statement pieces are not only found in our closets but also a must for any personal wardrobe. Our advice? Don't be afraid to stick out and be different, wear what you want, wear what you like, be bold and most importantly be confident.

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