March 3, 2010

Endless eBay Joy

Instead of studying for my Brit Lit midterm tomorrow morning, I'm shopping online. Sometimes it's just one of those days where you say what the hell, I really really love these shoes... and then you impulsively buy them. My case in point. Only today wasn't about the perfect clogs I've been searching for, today I bought dresses. I have early Spring fever and couldn't resist the temptation of Gilt Groupe's Marc by Marc Jacobs sale and the effect that vintage dresses on eBay have on my poor little heart. Usually I'm not the biggest online shopping fan, but when it's a find, it's a find. So friends, I'm posting one of my recent purchases. I'm not modeling the dress of course but I'm impatient and can't wait to put pics up. When my new Marc Jacobs dress arrives, I'll definitely have a post/pictures ready to go! Hope you enjoy, and on a second but also exciting note- thank goodness for the sunshine today!

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