March 31, 2010

The Joy of Easter in a Fashionable Outfit

As you may all know, Easter is this weekend, wohoo! I can't wait to head to my beau's relaxing home in Kansas City to engross ourselves with his family and friends.
I do love being prepared for such occasions so I hope to have the perfect Easter Outfit by the time Sunday roles around. If your in search of the perfect outfit, look for floral dresses, chiffon loose fitted shorts, a dainty white or nude wedge likes these by Rosegold, which you can get from Urban Outfitters. And check out for some great steals at affordable prices for the fashion-forward Easter Outfit.

I overlooked how awesome I think Zara is. Their fashion-forward, boho-chic, yet sophisticated clothing are perfect for every stage of a women's life. If their isn't a store near you, check out their online website for a great outfit that will make heads turn on your Easter Occasion.

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