March 24, 2010

Sweet Southern Spring

While Miss Tessa hit the west coast for some family time and a wonderful vacation with beau George, I flew south... scratch that drove south with my best friend Alan and had the most amazing spring break of all time. From Nashville to Atlanta to Santa Rosa Beach FL, and finally New Orleans- the south was beautiful and just what I needed for a little rest and relaxation, not to mention a little pampering too. Except New Orleans, which was just out right crazy and liver damaging maybe, but so fun. So now that both Tessa and I are back in Lawrence, we're ready to get back into the swing of things and excited to share the trends and updates post sb. I also found it fitting that one of the latest hot trends is going "southern bell" with... you guessed it, floral patterns! We're loving this trend however because in addition to the flowery patterns, this trend is all about the cute. Think sundresses, frills, sweetheart lines, charms, keds, and denim (done appropriately)... or Sookie Stackhouse. To check out more goods go to!

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