January 27, 2010

College Boy in Designer Jeans

What's the verdict on guys in designer jeans? Our vote: totally okay. We're not advising that you go out and immediately pressure your man to buy a pair, but if they stumble across them on their own, we approve. It's a struggle in conservative Kansas to overcome this very
wrong stereotype... if you're a guy and wear designer jeans you could be into guys. False. If you are into guys, great, I also totally approve, but if not and you just want good jeans and appreciate style- wear them! Let's face the facts boys, designer jeans are well-made, a great fit, and look amazing! Of course we understand that like girls jeans, the fit depends on the designer and sizes differ for each, but if you're willing to spend more than ten minutes in a store, try them on. I almost peed my pants when my boyfriend tried on the jeans my mom bought him for Christmas. Needless to say, he's not a Rockin Republic man (for a variety of reasons)- they tend to run tight and the back detail borders a more feminine side. Fear not. Not all hope was lost, we hit Saks Fifth Ave over break in Colorado and found a pair of True Religions he agreed were "okay, I guess" ha ha. I think it was when his go-to jeans finally bit the dust that he was ready to make the switch. His one request... endurance. He needed a pair that would be able to stand the test of time, I think he realized designer jeans are more expensive for a reason- they last. A month later, and he's still wearing them.

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