January 27, 2010

XoXo Gossip Girl

If you don't know already, the oh-so-drama webbed third season of Gossip Girl is finally approaching. Everyone save the date, March 8th is the season premiere. As if the boyish charmers and back-stabbing beauties were enough to hook us on the show, we cant help but obsess over the success of Eric Daman, the costume designer, that has revolutionized fashion on and off the screen. The sophisticated and sexy wardrobe of Leighton Meester, (Blair The Queen Bee), as well as Taylor Momsen's, (Jenny) grunge-chic look are by far our favs. Needless to say, there is no denying the charm, bad-boy and badass in Chuck Bass, who leaves us wanting more of his sly sex-appeal and wardrobe every time. Guys, if you didn't know already, there's nothing worse than an un-fitting suit. So next time your looking to get all fancied up, look to Chuck Bass, or should I say Ed Westwick for inspiration. But beware, sometimes his looks are a bit extravagant and sometimes silly- so choose wisely.
The gossip girl fashion queens, not only make a big statement on screen but seem to be keeping themselves occupied and up to date elsewhere. Leighton Meester won Teen Vogues best dressed for 2009. Along with 16 year old, Taylor Momsen on the cover of Seventeen. You must check out Taylor Momsens band called, The Pretty Reckless and let us know what you think! Honestly, I'm a little skeptical as of now but we'll see.
I guess their's no denying why this show is a big fat success.
xoxo...we're loving on gossip girl

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