January 29, 2010

Happy Kansas Day

Today at Aimee's I was having lunch with my boyfriend and learned that today is Kansas Day. Although I'm not a Kansas native, I'm certainly thankful for Lawrence. Sometimes it's easy to forget how cool it is- distracted by studies and general busy bee-ness, the day to day drab. Last night I met some friends at Pachamamas for a glass of wine, a little jazz, and good company. I thought about it this morning...how pleasant the mixture of happy voices and funny conversations were on no particular Thursday night in Lawrence. It's a wonderful home to university students, families and businesses alike. It's been an interesting place to grow up- to wander the parks and bars and streets. So for today, on a cold and gray and snowing Friday, I still really love Lawrence. As for Kansas Day, Tessa and I have a second/much appreciated home here in Oz. So in honor of KS and Judy Garland, our fashion favorite of the day goes to the ruby red slippers. A well remembered and sparkling costume from the first major motion picture in color.

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