January 28, 2010

Taking the Pressure off V-Day

If you haven't already been to La Prima Tazza it's time to move your butt. It might just be my favorite coffee shop on Mass st. and their Iced Indonesian (a spiced treat coldpress with milk) is absolutely heavenly. Tuesday's their two for one deal, and hard to beat- especially if you're a serious coffee addict like I am. So over coffee we got to talking about our V-day plans. I'm still in the process of making plans, (my bf is interviewing at Harvard Med(!) and we're thinking maybe a New York V-day?) however miss Tessa and her oh so charming beau have a great plan that's both economical and thoughtful. They're making din and spending some casual quality time together. What's missing here? Pressure! Why do we insist on making plans more complex, more stressful and more likely to fall apart. We all place an unnecessary pressure on Valentine's day, whether you're in love or enjoying the playing field this seems the one Holiday everyone could do without. The solution: chill out. Take a deep breath and think outside the box. Din at a nice (horrifyingly crowded and with bad waiters) restaurant on V-day... not ideal. A fresh dinner date with your valentine is however a smart choice. It's a more healthy option and a fun way to play around in the kitchen. Our #1 recommendation? Breakfast for dinner. We're thinking more on the sweet side- chocolate chip pancakes with blueberries and whip cream?

Or try these jazzed up versions of french toast at MyRecipies.com http://www.myrecipes.com/recipes/gallery/print/0,32179,1920375_1920343,00.html. We also advise some fresh squeezed oj or grapefruit juice. Another tip... read this article about natural food aphrodisiacs from Discovery Health. There may just be a link between chocolate and your sex life. Enjoy!

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