January 27, 2010

Hot Head Alert: Braids Are In

How the hell am I going to wear my hair tonight? God, if this isn't something I ask myself every time I plan to go out. As if showering, make-up and blowdrying your locks isn't enough- add picking out an outfit. By the time I'm dressed and my once visible floor is covered in discarded clothing options, I'm worn out. The last thing I want is to abandon my signature look, (albeit messy lion mane) for a new hairstyle. However, just because I'm a lazy piece doesn't mean I condone my own bad/lax behavior. Instead, I'm all tangled up in braids- specifically a long over the shoulder side braid. And the best part about it? In no time you can have a runway ready look that will stand the test of time(come round 2am) and dance floor distress. New York designer Tracy Reese sends her models down the runway in twists and Rachel McAdams reps the hot trend for Hollywood. My advice: try it out. It's worth the five extra minutes you'll spend before going out. Nervous about a new do? It's also perfect for when you roll out of bed a little later than planned- just thread your mop and voila hot tress before class.

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