April 4, 2010

Spring Shower Bring Shoes and Presents

I miss shopping in Colorado. I'm positive Tessa feels the same way about L.A. (even more so than I)- but like most anything, absence makes the heart grow fonder. Thus, going back to some of my favorite vintage shops near home, brings about a new sense of appreciation for the things (stores) I've left behind. Lawrence was just recently ranked one of the top college towns in the U.S., and rightly so. It's a beautiful place, a home for those who go to KU, have families, work there- but best of all it's our secret garden for summer, fall, (hibernating) winter, and blooming spring. It takes us somewhere hidden and away from the busy bustle of Denver, L.A., Kansas City, ect. It gives us some peace or rest (minus some school stresses), so that when we do venture out into the busy cities, we appreciate them for what they are and what we've missed. So without bumbling on and on, here are some of the presents the Easter Bunny and I found in Denver! Oh, and HAPPY EASTER. Tessa needs to save me a cupcake, they look delicious but what's a girl to do 500+ miles away!

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