April 1, 2010

In Flight Entertainment

Carry on? Check. Boarding pass? Check. Phone charger (always forget)? Check. An armful of much needed reading material/homework in the form of Marie Claire, Vogue and Nylon? Check, check, check! So at about noon today I booked a flight home to Colorado- definitely on a whim. However, in the hour I had to pack and also catch my flight, I forgot to grab a book. Needless to say not all hope was lost and I spent the entire flight reading Nylon. I didn't even get to Vogue or Marie Clare! I strongly advise getting your hands on a copy of the April issue of Nylon. True it only was it the only magazine I read on flight, but doesn't that say something? I certainly think so. It was an amazing issue and one I hold in high regard. From cover girl, Zoe Saldana (stunning, cool, stylish, poised) to their issue about the scrunchie come back (I know right?!) to an interview with Christopher Mintz-Plasse (McLovin!), the mag has totally impressed me this month. The gazillion of little articles dispersed throughout (some of which I will share soon) are diverse, original, oh so cool, hot, green, hip, and interesting- something for everyone you might say. Pick up the issue. Do it. In the meantime I'll narrow down some of my favorite finds and dive into the Vogue and M.C. awaiting me. Much to share!

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