April 8, 2010

Unexpected Inspiraton

While working on a color assignment for a poetry workshop, I found inspiration in an unexpected place- The Inspired Bride is a website created to do just that... inspire!
The site features beautiful pictures, some of flowers, some of landscapes, and some funky randoms intermixed. They then take each photo and create a color palate from the chosen colors of that photo. The pictures are meant to aid soon to be brides in the daunting task of choosing colors for their wedding.
Some girls dream of their wedding day, know the kind of cake they'd have, the color of bridesmaid dresses/who will wear them, and everything else planned perfectly for the perfect day. Well, at some point we all realize that our tastes change, continually. What worked for my seven year old self is no longer applicable...pink is not my color. And what about girls who dread it? Not the falling in love part, but the planning! The Inspired Bride comes to the rescue!
Looking through their photos, I fell in love with several color pairings. Now I'm certainly convinced I'll turn to The Inspired Bride when my time comes. Check out their website at www.inspiredbride.net!

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