June 11, 2010

Early Emmys: August 29th 2010

Although this may seem a bit out of the ordinary for Tennessee Street's usual posts, The Emmys are something we love and also never miss. Really we're just stressing an early reminder, since the show is still few months away. Nevertheless, the couture/glamorous gowns are always phenomenal and aside from that it's interesting to see who comes out on top for the awards and nominations. After all they are the most important part of the show, second to the red carpet coverage of course. But what I'm most excited for are the results for the show Breaking Bad. If you haven't seen it... you should. Michael Auseillo, journalist for Entertainment Weekly, claims Breaking Bad actress Anna Gunn is the "breakout performance of the year". I amongst many others would most definitely agree. Hopefully she will be up for a nomination! (my fingers are crossed).The 62nd Premiere shows live on August 29th, hosted by the one and only Mr.Fallon, so dont miss out!

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