June 7, 2010


S/S 2010 Collection

We're in love with the geometric. Julia Lundsten, (shoe designer with hit label Finsk) has successfully reintroduced us to geometry and we're wholly interested. The oh so popular 21st century wooden wedge and other innovative shoe creations have placed her directly in the spotlight. She's a must know, attending both New York and London Fashion Week. Her designs are completely abstract and modern yet wearable and awesome. Lundsten's father was an architect and her mother an interior designer. It's no surprise that their daughter possess a creative eye for aesthetic. The apple must not have fallen far from the tree, and much of Lundsten's inspiration comes from a family interest in architecture. To put it simply we like these shoes, they're pretty impressive and so fun! Shoes are sold in select boutiques in New York, London, Paris, Tokyo, Toronto, Helsinki and Singapore.

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