June 20, 2010

Tokyo Milk

Tokyo Milk, a new product line from Margot Elena has been making its mark across the country. Featured in Anthropology and various boutiques throughout the nation, Tokyo Milk has been received with open arms and well deserved hype. The new line offers a wide variety of products ranging from solid perfume to funky hand mirrors, including bubble bath, soaps, cards, travel candles and more perfume (to name a few!). Personally I'm obsessed with both the solid perfume in Mixtape or Sugarplum and the travel candle in Poe's Tobacco. If you're in Lawrence you're in luck! Margot Elena's one and only free standing boutique, Bloom Bath and Body, is on the 7th and Massachusetts St. Until the end of the month, Bloom has all Tokyo Milk Perfume on sale for 30% off. If you're looking for a perfect summer scent, I'd recommend Eden or Sparrow. Sparrow is a lovely gardenia scent that blossoms as it warms on your skin. Eden is the perfect day starter with slight earth tones and a hint of summer freshness in order to put your best foot forward. Yet with all perfume, it's best to try it on for yourself. Perfume changes drastically from person to person, so head to Bloom before the end of the month and find your signature scent. Tokyo Milk Perfume is normally priced at $27.95 and at 30% off comes to $21.00 (some tax may apply).

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