June 17, 2010

Work of Art: Miles Mendenhall

Miles Mendenhall has officially made it big. The installation artist recently graduated from the University of Minnesota and is not only incredibly good looking but has landed a spot Bravo's new hit show Work of Art. He's now doubly proven his extreme talent and again has immunity for the second week in a row. The latest episode had the artists digging through junk yard appliances in order to create a recycled masterpiece all their own. Miles won with his depiction of "the worst place to sleep" which consisted of some serious screen-printing, concrete molding and a hint of necessary performance art when he decided to take a short nap on his project. The sleepy eyed Miles kept his calm throughout the entire junk yard process despite his ongoing battle with OCD. The results were announced and with little surprise Miles came out on top with much deserved praise from the judging panel. During the episode, Miles described his ultimate fantasy where he would one day be a sponsored artist and have all his supplies paid for... I think he's well on his way to getting just that. The prize for winning the show? A 100,00 cash prize and a solo show at the Brooklyn Museum. Good luck Miles, we're pulling for you and it's not only because you're twins with Walk About's, George Hart.

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