February 24, 2010

3D Couture

Viktor & Rolfs 2010 Spring/Summer Collection, will change the way you think about fashion. V&R is an Amsterdam based fashion brand, founded in 1969 by Viktor Horstin and Rolf Snoeren. It's clear by this collection, that they put their whole imaginations into these designs- which turned out to be truly incredible. Words can't express how awesome these dresses are... you must look for yourself!

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  1. dearest keely, this is your cousin catey. i don't know how else to contact you because i went to creep on your gorgeous clothes and nz pictures only to find out your facebook is m.i.a. now i'm going to have to stalk you through your blogs. or, if you could be so kind as to send me weekly pictures of your outfits because i like to draw inspiration from them, it'd be greatly appreciated. but i know you're busy. sorry to subject your fellow blogger tessa to my rambling about how i can't look at your pictures anymore, but i'm heartbroken, seeing as i can't even look at your real face OR pictures now. this means you need to call me more and we need to plan a trip to visit each other. love and miss you, xo.