February 7, 2010

Celebrating the World: Olsenboye

The launch of Mary-Kate and Ashley's clothing line, "Olsenboye" at JCPenny was inspired by cities around the world along with trends in NYC.
I would have expected a lot from this collection, however was consequently let down. Besides a minuscule part of some cute pieces, most looked cheap and very similar to American-Eagle. It consisted of unflattering fits, plaids, peace signs and cropped tops, nothing I would have expected from the fashionista's. With unbearable low sales, wasted time and money, along with unsatisfied fans/customers, I'm wondering if the Olsen's will try to make a comeback. Who would have thought they would perform so poorly when they are constantly in the fashion limelight. Even though their launch of Olsenboye was a total blow, we still love them!

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