February 17, 2010

The Blonde Salad

It's been a long and grueling week but we're finally back to business. It's hard to find the motivation to keep up dress when you're constantly studying or running from place to place. Who wants to wear heels to the library... no one (please don't). However when I do take a second out of my day to put on "real people clothes", I usually feel much better (despite just how comfortable my favorite sweat pants are). So what keeps me from falling into a total sweat-pant spiral... blogger inspiration! Fashionistas like ourselves, trying to keep it fresh with fashion! My inspiration for the week? The Blonde Salad. We have Chiara Ferragni's blog The Blonde Salad under our favorites and without fail the beautiful blonde/Italian Chiara, exhibits a day to day style that's totally worth checking out/following. Her pictures are stunning and her clothing combinations even more fantastic. She also plays around on her site, aka videos of herself doing funny things. We love her fun attitude and awesome blog. A true inspiration to fashion blogging, Chiara seems to really enjoy sharing her style with the rest of the world. Keep checking in with us at Tennessee St. however... we're working on photographing what we wear and our own different personal styles.

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