February 1, 2010

Spring Forward

Spring is by far our favorite season. It's the time of year when the snow stops falling and the sun starts to shine.
This Spring you are going to be seeing a lot of new statement pieces where fashion will literally transform into a work of art. Bold geometric/floral patterns, bright colors and denim of all styles. Designers are continuously taking fashion to a whole new dimension. Another new trend that some designers such as Proenza Schouler, Jean Paul Gaultier, Alexander Wang, and YSL have shown in their Read-to-Wear Collection, is the transformation of underwear into outwear. Or as I would say, wearing a bra as a top. I do love this look, it accentuates the feminine body and it's not about how much flesh can be shown but feeling sexy and fashionable at the same time.
Marc Jacobs.YSL.Proenza Schouler

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