February 28, 2010

Friday Night Poetry

I had a lovely Friday evening with Alan- dinner at Freestate, coffee w/tasty vanilla vodka at Henry's, and a nice glass of Chianti whilst listening to Mel Nichols and Rod Smith read their poetry at Wonder Fair. Wonder Fair is a relatively new art gallery/shoppe and studio located below the Casbah on 8th and Mass. Just when I thought Freestate and Henry's were a combined best date environment, Wonder Fair took the game ball. Mel Nichols and Rod Smith's performances were hilarious, thoughtful, and wonderfully detailed. Both visitors to Kansas, Mel and Rod spent the night sharing their poetry with a small Lawrence crowd of admirers and new listeners/readers. Mel's I Google Myself set to the beat of I Touch Myself, was one of the funniest poem's I've ever heard. Rod also read work relating to 'tech like' concepts (Google and Facebook), and I was almost in tears from laughing so hard. Alan and I picked up some art from Wonder Fair too, which is extremely impressive and cool if I do say so myself. Anyway, on the whole our Friday date night was a complete success.

Check out Mel Nichols and Rod Smith for more on their poetry...Google them!

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